Welcome to Riverside Pediatric Group

At Riverside Pediatric Group, we believe in truly embodying the “Medical Home”, a revolutionary concept in pediatric care recently endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics which encourages Pediatricians to go beyond their conventional role as “intermittent” providers of care at brief patient visits for isolated issues and to approach the patient as a whole – with collaboration from the parents in all decision-making and an emphasis on preventative care and around-the-clock access to your child’s health-care team. Riverside Pediatric Group is the leader in child and adolescent health-care because it has embraced this philosophy of providing a Medical Home in the most complete manner.


Not only does Riverside Pediatric Group offer the longest hours of any pediatric practice in the country - 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week.  (Our Secaucus office is open until 8pm on Holidays) We also provide these services exclusively to our patients with the support of extremely accommodating and friendly staff and the most state-of-the art equipment found only in Emergency Rooms or offices of Sub-Specialists.